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Gulf Air launches corporate social responsibility initiative

12th September 2008 Print
Bahrain's national carrier, Gulf Air, has unveiled its new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan. The airline has developed an integrated programme of research, development, education and outreach focusing on three key areas - climate change and clean air, waste management and community service, with goals to support each.

The comprehensive plan, which was developed through consultations with external partners including Boeing and IATA, will see the airline launching a number of initiatives in the coming months, which will improve the environment, benefit the community and improve the airlines operational efficiency.

The goals outlined in the airlines three tier approach demonstrate Gulf Air's commitment to not only reducing its global footprint, but to driving growth by focusing on products and innovation which benefit the local community while at the same time helping to solve global challenges such as climate change.

"Since its beginnings in 1950 Gulf Air has always believed in the importance of the airlines inter-relationship with the local community. As the airline has grown over 58-years from a small regional airline with one route to a global enterprise operating in more than 40 countries around the world, this value still holds true, shaping our thinking, decisions and actions," says Gulf Air Chief Strategy Officer Tero Taskila.

"The launch of our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative reaffirms this core value and brings it to the forefront as a key driver for our business strategy along with talent management, investing for growth and financial discipline. We also believe in offering the customer choice, as people become more environmentally and socially conscious we want to ensure that as an airline we meet these needs."

Bahraini Sameer Al Saeed, an industrial engineer by qualification, who has been working with Gulf Air human resources department for several years, has been appointed to set up the CSR programme.

"I am honoured to be spearheading a programme that influences so many people. CSR affects everyone from those who work at Gulf Air to our suppliers and customers. It’s important to the local communities where we operate and to our investors who value responsible business behaviour. It's important to people in other parts of the world, who expect Middle Eastern companies to operate to international values and principles. And it matters to our children and future generations who expect to live in a world which respects people and nature." commented Mr. Al Saeed.