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Gulf Air celebrates World Environment Day

10th June 2009 Print
As part of its continuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, national carrier Gulf Air announced several initiatives to commemorate this month’s World Environment Day (WED).

“Gulf Air, as a responsible corporate citizen, fully endorses the theme for WED 2009 ‘Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change' ” said Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer Mr. Björn Näf.

“As one of the biggest employers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we carry the dual responsibility of not only being the national carrier, but also the responsibility of doing our part in leaving a better world for our children. It is one of our obligations to look after and protect the environment.”

He continued, “Last year Gulf Air launched an integrated CSR programme focusing on three key areas, namely, climate change and clean air, waste management and community service, with goals to support each.

“Towards this, we are working actively at various levels; we have joined hands with leading international aviation, energy and academic establishments to accelerate the development of renewable fuel sources that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the national level, we are working closely with United Nations’ Bahrain office and the Bahrain Government’s General Directorate for Environment and Wildlife to cooperate on environmental projects.

“At the company level, we have set up a fuel conservation committee to find ways to cut down on carbon emissions, have actively engaged our staff members to embrace environment- friendly practices and, are working on several other projects on this front.

“By actively engaging in these initiatives, we are sending out a message that Gulf Air, as an integral part of the Kingdom of Bahrain, is proactively addressing the environmental challenges, and help build a better future for our children, the local community and the world” Mr. Näf concluded.

Gulf Air staff members have been urged to embrace and follow several environment- friendly practices on a day-to-day basis such as avoiding the use of paper or plastic cups, cutting down on printing and using blank side of used papers for printing when necessary, shutting down computers and printers at the end of the working day and switching off lights before they leave their offices.

Gulf Air has also initiated an internal volunteering programme, where by staff members, who volunteer themselves, will be engaged in initiatives designed to improve the environment such as cleaning up beaches.