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Thomsonfly looks to a greener future

22nd May 2007 Print
Thomsonfly is looking towards a greener future by operating state of the art fuel efficient aircraft. It was confirmed at the AGM (Wednesday 16 May) of TUI AG Thomsonfly’s parent company that the airline would take delivery of brand new Boeing 737 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft in the future.

TUI AG announced placing orders for 11 787 Dreamliners and 50 next generation 737s. Every one of the new aircraft will replace an existing aircraft within the TUI and Thomsonfly fleets – the 737 will operate short haul flights and the 787 on long haul routes. Thomsonfly and the TUI fleet will take the delivery of the 787 aircraft between 2010 and 2013.

The 787 is at the cutting edge of commercial aircraft technology. It is constructed from carbon composite making it lighter and generating a 60% smaller noise footprint and being 20% more fuel efficient. The aircraft is designed to make flying more pleasurable for passengers with cleaner cabin air, larger windows and improved lighting.

The Next-Generation 737 airplanes have advanced Blended Winglets, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency and range by reducing emissions and noise on take off. Thomsonfly has already taken delivery of two Next-Generation Boeing 737-800s this year – a third will be delivered by the end of May. These airplanes are 13% more fuel efficient per passenger seat than the aircraft they replace.

The aircraft order represents a significant investment in the airline’s environmental efficiency. The airline is currently 50% more fuel efficient that it was 30 years ago and is working hard to improve its efficiency and reduce emissions. Thomsonfly’s Efficiency Team, a team of airline experts tasked with analysing every aspect of the airline operation and reducing the airline’s CO2 emissions, is implementing initiatives to make the aircraft lighter and reviewing flying procedures - measures that will reduce the airline’s CO2 emissions for 2007 by over 21 million kg.

TUI AG Chairman Dr. Michael Frenzel said: "The Boeing 787, with its systematic use of carbon-fibre components, represents a new generation of aircraft that puts us in a position to offer our customers a completely new long-haul experience.

"TUI will be operating the most environmentally-friendly long-haul aircraft. The 787's unprecedented environmental performance will make it an incredibly valuable asset as we look to reduce our carbon output.”

Managing director of Thomsonfly, Colin Mitchell, said, “Customers are wanting to travel further and the 787 is lighter so it can fly further than the current aircraft models – enabling people to reach Australia and destinations in between in one hop.”

Information about Thomson’s sustainable aviation activities can be found at the Sustainable Tourism section of