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Value flights with all the frills

3rd February 2009 Print
It seems no frills means no guarantees when it comes to low cost flights, as many budget airlines do not ATOL-protect their flights. And it may surprise you to learn that neither do the scheduled airlines, which means that if they go bust, you stand to lose your flight and your money.

However, that’s not the case when you book a Thomson Airways flight. Every single one is protected by the government ATOL scheme. Basically, your money is 100% safe – should anything happen to Thomson, you won’t lose a penny.

Thomson Airways - value flights with frills
No-frills doesn’t just mean no guarantees - it means no nice extras, too. But at Thomson Airways, they do things a little differently when it comes to low-cost flying. In fact, unlike the budget airlines, they believe firmly in frills. After all, a flight should be enjoyed not endured. With Thomson Airways, you can look forward to all this:

Pre-allocated Seats
A boarding-time scrum is no way to start a holiday. That’s why we give everyone a seat number when they check in. And on some flights, you can even choose your own seat number up front.

In-flight Meals
If a sandwich just doesn’t cut it, pre-order one of our tasty hot meals and enjoy plane food that’s anything but plain.

Great Service
Professional and smart, our crew provide service with a smile - exactly what you’d expect from the UK’s biggest holiday airline.

More Flexibility
As well as a huge range of destinations, we fly from a massive 23 UK airports. So you won’t have to cross the country to start your holiday.

Infant Baggage
Allowance Buggies, nappies, bottles - babies don’t travel light. So from May 2009 we’re giving tots under two a free 10kg baggage allowance, on top of a pushchair or a car seat. What’s more, we’ll add this to your booking automatically so you don’t need to pre-book it.

More Legroom
Fly long haul with us and you’ll get more legroom in economy than you would with BA, Virgin Atlantic, bmi and Monarch.*

Premium Upgrades
On all our long haul flights we give you the chance to upgrade, too. That means even more space, comfy leather chairs with seatback TVs, and your meals and drinks included**.

For more information and bookings, log on to

* Source: BATA website, September 2008
** Excluding Champagne