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Thomson Airways safety video takes YouTube by storm

22nd September 2009 Print
Pioneering new video featuring children to demonstrate a pre-flight safety briefing has become an internet hit with over 150,000 viewings.

Thomson’s youngest ever “cabin crew” members have attracted thousands of admirers who have watched the video on the website YouTube. In the last week, the number of viewings of this video has increased by 118%.

An industry first in UK aviation, this innovative new safety film features a group of children talking passengers through the ins-and-outs of emergency exits, oxygen masks and lifejackets. Children were used for their charm and ‘ahh factor’ with the aim of ensuring that passenger engagement remains high throughout the entire safety video.

The new video has also generated lots of debate and discussion around pre-flight safety briefings. One viewer, called johnnyplectrum, said: “Flew to Reus with this video a couple of weeks ago. First time I’ve ever watched the safety film... inspired and clever. I've never seen people pay so much attention.” Another viewer, called princexx3, said: “Wow this is class, putting fun into flying, love the light hearted approach it makes you smile and relax.”

Separately, the video has been shortlisted as a finalist in the forthcoming World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) awards for Best Single Achievement in in-flight entertainment. The winner of this award will be announced on the 5 October 2009 at the WAEA Conference in Palm Spring, California.

Carl Gissing, Director of Customer Services for Thomson Airways, said: “We are delighted that the video has been such a hit with the YouTube audience as well as our customers onboard our flights. By adopting a somewhat quirky approach to the pre-flight safety briefing, we believe that we have increased levels of attention from our customers and any subsequent debate that arises over in-flight safety can only be a good thing.”

The video can be found at: