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Eat what you want, when you want with United

7th March 2008 Print
Despite what your mother may have told you, you can eat your dessert before dinner. Or eat breakfast at midnight. United's international first-class customers now have these choices, with new dining options, that enable them to choose what they want to eat and when they want to be served, something that no other U.S. network carrier can offer today.

“Months of research with our frequent international customers clearly indicated that offering a flexible and customized first class dining option is key to a best-in-class premium customer experience,” says Alex Marren, United Airlines vice president –Onboard Service.

“With our new dining option, our flight attendants can create an individualized experience and recognize what our first class customers value most when dining…even if it is having an ice cream sundae before dinner.”

As part of United’s work to provide a best-in-class customer experience, United is elevating the entire culinary experience for customers traveling in United First. Beginning in August, United First customers will enjoy new porcelain dinnerware and linens produced exclusively for United.

Last year, United began a partnership with world renowned chef Charlie Trotter, who has designed cuisine exclusively for United customers traveling in first and business class on certain overseas, international flights, as well as on United’s transcontinental premium service, p.s. United’s wine selection features offerings from Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Doug Frost.