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Safety improvements at United's largest hub

7th May 2008 Print
Following an assessment of United Airlines’ O’Hare facilities by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United is taking a number of steps to improve safety in employee work areas.

United intends to evaluate OSHA’s specific findings and will meet with OSHA to continue discussing the improvements the Company has made during and after the on-site assessment, which was completed in February.

Specifically, United brought in a third-party safety expert to assist in making immediate facility repairs. These efforts included identifying and correcting concerns related to electrical wiring such as repairing damaged conduit and installing electrical outlet plates. Also, United acted on OSHA’s concerns by installing new machine guards and removing fall hazards.

United leadership and unions worked alongside OSHA during the inspection, providing data, training records, and policies and procedures for the agency to review and assess.

“The safety of our employees and customers on and off of our aircraft is always the highest priority at United, and this inspection was an opportunity for us to continue strengthening our workplace safety,” said Terry Brady, vice president O’Hare for United. “Through the findings of this inspection, as well as through our ongoing self-assessment, we have identified key areas of improvement.”