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United tests food choices in business and economy

27th August 2008 Print
United is launching a trial during the fourth quarter of food options for both business and economy class. As part of the trial, on domestic flights with three cabins of service, United will be offering United Business customers complimentary fresh sandwiches, salads, breakfast, snack boxes or snacks, depending on the length of flight and time of departure.

The products will be the same as the Buy on Board sandwiches and salads offered in United Economy. Business-class customers will continue to enjoy complimentary beverages, including wine and cocktails.

“Our industry is changing and we need to tailor products and services to what customers value and provide them with more choice,” said Graham Atkinson, executive vice president and chief customer officer. “We are listening to our customers as we test new options in both the business and economy cabins.”

For trans-Atlantic flights originating out of and returning to the company’s Washington Dulles hub, United will on a trial basis be offering economy customers fresh Buy on Board options, including sandwiches, salads and snack boxes. There are no changes under way for international business or first-class customers, or for United’s transcontinental p.s. flights.

At the end of the year, United will evaluate the results of the trial and determine next steps.