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Flux launches public liability scheme for car clubs

20th October 2009 Print
Car clubs need public liability insurance if they take part in public shows and events. It was a prohibitive expense for many clubs, until Flux launched its club public liability (PL) scheme earlier this year. It cut the cost to as little as £110 per year and has been very popular – so much so that Flux is now expanding it to cover 'business all risk'.

This means that as well as cover for public liability, the insurance protects the club's possessions at an event, ranging from merchandise such as T-shirts to stands, graphics and flags.

And the best news is, Flux PL still costs from as little as £110 per year, for up to £1million public liability cover and £2,500-worth of club assets.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services has a special team that looks after clubs and develops schemes for them. "Lots of our clubs take stands, graphics and club merchandise to shows," says Julie Carter of Flux. "Together they can add up to a lot of value but often they're not insured, so it made sense to expand Flux PL. It covers these assets against accidental loss or damage in just about any eventuality, from storms and floods to fire or falling trees. It also covers theft, other than from unattended motor vehicles."

Flux PL is available 'off the shelf' and is designed mainly for clubs who attend up to twelve events per year. For clubs that attend more events, or who require higher levels of public liability or asset cover, the Flux club team can prepare a tailored policy that should still be cheaper than a traditional scheme. It's cheaper because Flux has got rid of the PL elements that clubs don’t need, such as libel and slander insurance.

"We originally developed the PL scheme for car clubs that already have an association with Flux," explains Julie Carter. "However, any clubs interested in finding out more should give us a call – our club team will be happy to help."

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