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Is your business prepared for winter?

30th November 2009 Print

As winter approaches, leading insurer RSA is advising businesses to protect their premises, not only from the bitter cold, but also from other dangers that could be awaiting them.

As the seasons change, the risks that businesses face can also vary.  For example, as the weather is gradually getting colder, companies must protect themselves from frozen pipes, which could potentially put them out of business for some time.  Experts at RSA say that if pipes become frozen, the water flow will be reduced or completely stop which is when pipes are most likely to burst.  To prevent this there are easy tips to follow:

Provide suitable lagging to exposed sections of pipe work to prevent freezing
Heating can be set to automatically start if temperatures fall too low
If premises are going to be unoccupied for some time, isolate and drain the water services

Also, as the clocks have been turned back, the mornings and evenings are darker and this could lead to an increase in crime, especially burglary. Businesses become easier targets during the winter, as it is often dark when offices, shops and other places of business are opened.  There are simple tips to protect your business from burglary:

Check on a regular basis that all locking devices throughout the premises are in good working order

Ensure that the frames of all external doors are securely fixed to the building fabric

Fit key operating locks to all ground floor windows

Protect secluded and vulnerable windows with steel bars or grilles

Do not leave ladders or other access equipment lying around that could be used to gain access to a building

David Greaves, Director or Deals and Small Business at RSA says:  "It is quite simple to protect your business from crime, and the elements, but sometimes people need help finding all of the different areas that may be affected."

"Frozen pipes and crime are just a few of the different obstacles businesses may face as the season turns to winter, but are all completely avoidable with the help of a good insurer who should offer expert advice to ensure premises are as safe as possible."

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