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Lufthansa gets passengers into the festive mood

2nd December 2009 Print

In the occasionally hectic days during the run-up to Christmas and naturally over the Christmas break, Lufthansa is getting passengers into the festive mood with traditional Christmas food on the in-flight menu, Christmas goodies and seasonal decorations.

An established tradition on board is roast goose with red cabbage and potato dumplings and herb crumble, which will be served on long-haul flights to First and Business-Class passengers. Around 112,000 portions of this festive delicacy will be served on board in November and December. New this year is a culinary Christmas market: First-Class passengers on selected flights from Germany to the US East Coast will savour typical specialities sold in abundance at Christmas fairs, like potato pancakes or fritters with salmon rolls or apple sauce, Nuremberg bratwurst, cucumber potato salad, veal rissoles or Christmas Stollen, a traditional German fruitcake. 

The drinks, striking a Christmassy note, include an Advent tea. An outstanding highlight on the Christmas menu are the best Christmas cookies chosen from the “Lufthansa baking“ campaign by World Champion Pâtissier Bernd Siefert. The winning entry is a baked apple tiramisu in spiced Spekulatius cookies. A small packet of the best Lufthansa cookies will be presented on board to Business-Class passengers. Passengers in Economy Class will get to enjoy them as well.

On long European routes, the classic roast goose dish will also be served in Business Class. The entrée is a venison pyramid with chanterelles and Walldorf salad. Rounding off the menu is a Printen gingerbread mousse with a dusting of cinnamon and fig sauce. Up to the second day after Christmas, the cabin crew will be handing out around 61,000 truffle chocolates, 370,000 chocolate Santa Clauses, 270,000 snowmen, one million mini-gingerbreads and 580,000 Christmas pralines to Lufthansa passengers.

850 Advent wreathes will enhance the festive spirit. From mid-December, a special surprise awaits the youngest passengers: On all routes and in all classes, children will be given a small elk to cuddle as a Xmas toy.

A Christmas atmosphere will naturally also set the tone in Lufthansa lounges. Besides festive decorations, passengers in First-Class lounges and the First-Class terminal will have a choice of savoury seasonal food: Crème brulée from pâte de foie gras with pureed cinnamon apple and gingerbread, for example, or Christmas duck with cranberry sauce, caramelized red cabbage and bread dumplings, venison stew with nut spaetzle and baked apple.

As a finale to wind up their stay in the lounge before their flight, they can savour almond-fig tartlets as a dessert or cinnamon mousse with honey and rum. On offer to passengers in Business and Senator Lounges during Advent and the Christmas holiday season are butter Stollen fruitcake, gingerbreads and red Christmas apples.