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MG TF RAVE disc now available to MG TF owners

19th January 2010 Print

A detailed electronic service and repair manual known as the MG TF RAVE disc is now available to MG TF owners from all XPart AutoService centres and wholesalers.

MG TF owners can now access valuable service and maintenance information for their cars with an electronic workshop manual, available from all XPart AutoServices centres and wholesalers. The first disc of its kind to go on sale to motorists, it offers extensive technical advice for owners of MG TFs manufactured by MG Rover between 2002 and 2005. It contains a greater depth of technical detail than can be found in paper manuals, together with comprehensive search and cross-referencing functions, and the option to enlarge diagrams and print pages of interest.

“Modern cars have a great deal more complex mechanical and electronic features than cars built even ten years ago,” explains Barry Smith, UK sales manager, XPart. “While this enhances the capabilities of the car, it also means a more complex service and maintenance regime is required to keep the car performing at its best. The MG TF electronic workshop manual offers owners a convenient and flexible way to access the detailed information they need, which would otherwise extend to over 1,200 A4 pages.”

The MG TF took over from the MGF as the UK’s top selling convertible sports car from its launch in 2002 until the collapse of the manufacturer in 2005. With four different models, the 115, 120, 135 and 160, the car remains popular today both in the UK and throughout the world. Powered by a Rover K-Series engine, the TF model exhibits several key differences to its predecessor, including a redesigned front-end with projector headlamps for both main and dip beam, sidelamps and indicators contained within the headlight assemblies, extended side sills, revised side air intakes and a revised boot lid design with an in-built raised rear edge. Additionally, conventional steel springs and dampers replace the MGF’s Hydragas suspension system.

The MG TF electronic workshop manual is available from January 2010 at a cost of £28 + VAT. For further information or to locate your nearest XPart wholesaler or AutoService centre, visit