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27th January 2010 Print

With the recession hangover leading many people to file for a self-assessment, 2010 could be shaping up for yet another new travel trend, the ‘Taxation Vacation’.  So file by the due date to turn your cheque into a plane ticket.

“As we recover from the dark hurdle that was blue Monday and wait for the number of daylight hours to increase, those of us filing for money back can look forward to more than just extra cash.  With plenty of great deals around to entice customers, planning a holiday is just the ticket to some much needed rejuvenation,” says Nadine Hallak, spokesperson for Cheapflights UK. 

The UK’s leading website in travel price search and comparison is helping consumers find the right holiday to match their tax bracket. 

Heavenly Mauritius

If you’re sick of snow and craving the sun on your back, then you could be just £699 away from hitting the beach with a six night holiday in Mauritius.  The break is inclusive of flights and half-board stay in superior accommodation.  Those expecting a major refund won’t mind splurging an extra £25 per person to turn this half-board stay into an all-inclusive. 

For Adventure Seekers

For some, nothing boosts energy like an underwater adventure. From just £556, you could be enjoying some of the best wreck diving this world has to offer in Sharm el Sheikh.  The holiday package includes a seven night all-inclusive stay in a five-star resort. 

If that’s not adventurous enough, aim for something really different with a seven night stay on the beaches of Gambia for a little more splurge at £809. 

Home is where the Tax Bracket is

If cash back is less than generous and you’d like to keep some of it in the bank, then a home bound holiday is your ticket.  There are plenty of adventures to be had from biking in North Wales to boating in Scotland or simply enjoying a walk on the beach in Yorkshire.  Whatever your taxation spend commands, you can find it with three and four night breaks from just £104. 

To match your refund to the right holiday, visit