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Scottish Widows Partnership Property Trust goes Platinum

8th February 2010 Print

The Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP) Property Trust has joined The Share Centre's Platinum 120 range of preferred funds, as a result of the long-term credibility of its fund manager to grow returns in this asset class.

Commenting on the property sector and SWIP Property Trust's entrance to the Platinum 120, Sheridan Admans, investment adviser at The Share Centre, said: "Attractive income returns and the continuing low rates available on cash deposits and other investment vehicles has recently made property a favoured asset class for many investors. The shortage of good quality property assets continues, resulting in further increases in values especially for prime assets.

"Even though investing capital in actual properties could potentially have liquidity issues in market downturns, SWIP Property Trust offers real asset diversification as part of a well rounded portfolio of funds. As a physical asset fund it gives greater exposure to valuations and rental incomes. The fund has also been able to take advantage of market conditions over the last 18 months, as it has been able to hold up to 30 per cent in cash, giving it increased buying power as a cash-buyer.

"Fund manager Gerry Ferguson, has been in charge of SWIP Property Trust since its inception. Prior to joining SWIP in September 2000, Ferguson spent four years as a director with RREEF (UK) Limited, the largest independent property fund manager in the UK. On a discrete annual basis, over 48-60 months, the SWIP Property Trust has returned 17.54 per cent against the sector which has returned 14.63 per cent.

"SWIP Property Trust's entrance to the Platinum 120 has replaced Aviva Property Trust, but this is not a recommendation to sell the Aviva fund. Its removal simply reflects our opinion that SWIP Property Trust currently has the long-term attractions of a strong management team and the potential for growth."

As a Platinum 120 fund, customers of The Share Centre wishing to invest in SWIP Property Trust will not have to pay an initial charge on the fund or purchase dealing commission.