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The benefits of using Keyfactor for property owners

21st December 2022 Print

When managing property, many software and solutions can help property owners. One of the most efficient and secure methods is using a public key infrastructure (PKI). Keyfactor's PKI technology can provide property owners with several benefits. By implementing a managed PKI system, property owners can ensure that all the data associated with their properties are securely stored and accessed.

Improved Security

PKI enables secure transactions between different entities without the need for passwords or other potentially weak authentication methods, like SMS-based authentication. With improved security, property owners can be sure their data is safe from prying eyes and malicious actors, and secure transactions will remain secure. Without the protection offered by PKI, hackers could potentially access the data associated with a property and use it for their own gain.

Improved Efficiency

By using a managed PKI solution, property owners can save time and energy when managing their properties. No longer will they have to worry about updating passwords or authenticating users. Instead, PKI can handle all access and authentication processes automatically. This automation will result in fewer manual steps and improved efficiency for property owners.

Enhanced Visibility

For a property owner, visibility is an extremely valuable asset. With a PKI system, they can easily monitor and track who has access to their properties. This visibility gives them complete control over their properties' access and authentication processes.

Furthermore, the enhanced visibility provided by a PKI solution can help ensure compliance with various regulations and standards. Having a clear view of who is accessing specific properties and when property owners can be sure they are not violating any laws or codes.

Cost Savings

PKI solutions offer an added benefit to property owners in terms of cost savings. They can avoid spending money on multiple user accounts or other expensive security solutions by automating the access and authentication processes. Keyfactor's PKI technology provides an efficient and secure property management solution. Property owners can rest assured that their data is safe, their access processes are streamlined, and they are saving money.

Improved Compliance

PKI can also help property owners comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR. Other compliance regulations crucial to property owners include the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With a managed PKI solution, property owners can easily adhere to these regulations and maintain compliance.

Property owners can be sure their data is appropriately protected and managed by using a secure PKI system. With the help of Keyfactor, property owners can rest assured that their information is secure and compliant with all applicable regulations.


A company's overarching goal is to obtain enough success to scale its business for maximum growth and profit. PKI enables scalability of property management by allowing for secure access and authentication processes to be scaled up or down as needed. This way, a property owner can add or remove users from their system as the company's needs change. Additionally, PKI technology allows for further security measures to be added in as the business grows and changes, ensuring continued security for all associated data.

Improved Accessibility

Well managed PKI makes it easier for property owners to securely access their data across multiple devices and locations. This ensures that property owners have secure access to their data wherever they go. Moreover, it provides a centralized hub for all their data to remain accessible and confident regardless of device or location.

Final Thoughts

PKI is becoming an increasingly important technology for business owners, particularly property owners. It offers a secure and efficient solution for managing data and access processes while providing visibility, cost savings, and scalability. PKI technology can help property owners efficiently manage their access processes and data, ensuring their information is secure and complies with all applicable regulations. With the help of Keyfactor, property owners can rest assured that their data is secure and their access processes are streamlined.