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Ladies only at Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain

6th April 2010 Print
Ladies only at Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain

Female water enthusiasts, lifeguards and guest relations staff have all responded with tremendously positive feedback to the recently-launched Ladies Night at Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain.

Dona George, a recent visitor to Wahooo!, says Ladies Night is a fun-filled occasion for ladies to unwind and relax. “Ladies Night at Wahooo! is a unique concept and it’s a great idea to have a night dedicated to ladies in such an idyllic location. The entire atmosphere is amazing, the food court has a great variety of choices and the staff at Wahooo! is incredibly welcoming. They also have a wonderful, well-trained lifeguard support unit which made us feel very safe.  We had so much fun in the water enjoying the rides and more importantly we can be ourselves because it’s only ladies there on Wednesday nights.  We will definitely go back again.”

Visitor feedback has underscored the fact that guests appreciate the very hospitable and friendly approach taken by the staff at Wahooo! and the comprehensive female-only staffing undertaken by Wahooo! on its weekly Ladies Night.

Haleema Salim, a female lifeguard at Wahooo! feels that Ladies Night is an ideal opportunity for women to enjoy swimming and dancing in a more private environment.  “We have received lots of positive feedback from our visitors; aside from the privacy they experience, Wahooo! is easily accessible. It is so nice to see women enjoying their time, swimming and dancing without feeling inhibited.  The all-female lifeguard team really appreciates the opportunity to  help women conquer their fears by trying different rides, and seeing our guests  enjoying their time to the fullest is a great feeling”

Wahooo’s Guest Services Officer, Bahraini national Najla Mohammed, was an early supporter of the Ladies Night concept, given the interest among the waterpark’s client base to have a special night reserved exclusively for the fairer gender. 

She said “Ladies Nights at Wahooo are my favourite nights to be on duty. All week long, I answer inquiries about Ladies Night on the phone and from walk-in guests. They are all very excited to hear about this special day. Then finally when the day arrives - every Wednesday at 5.30pm - I see women of all ages and nationalities gathering at the Wahooo! entrance. Female guests have confidence that the waterpark is totally secure and concealed for their enjoyment. Wahooo plays some great music on Ladies Night and guests love the soundtrack for playing in the water or dancing under the Rain Fortress. It’s party time until 11 pm and we all feel a sense of accomplishment when we see how many happy female guests have enjoyed each Ladies Night.”

A unique element of Wahooo! Ladies Night is a DJ spinning tracks for the enjoyment of Wahooo!’s female guests on Wednesdays from 5.30pm to 11pm.

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Ladies only at Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain