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Toshiba's latest Blu-ray DVD player – BDX2100KE

19th April 2010 Print
Toshiba BDX2100KE

Toshiba has introduced its latest Blu-ray disc player, the BDX2100KE. The new Blu-ray disc player impresses with outstanding picture and sound quality, a host of supported file formats and BD LiveTM Profile 2.0 features. The BDX2100KE will be available at retail outlets in Europe from May 2010.

Perfect picture and sound quality
The new Toshiba BDX2100KE Blu-ray player offers the ideal picture quality to create the home cinema experience. Films on Blu-ray disc are played at 24 frames per second, preserving their original atmosphere and ensuring the fluid rendering of movement. But it is not only Blu-rays that benefit from the BDX2100KE – DVD films look great as well, upscaled via HDMI 1080p to full HD resolution. This brings out details in sharp contrast, creating a more realistic looking picture. Progressive scanning eliminates the line structure, enhancing image contours even further. And the BDX2100KE looks sharp on the outside as well with its elegant “Diamond Cut“ design.

For stunning sound to go with the true-to-life picture, Toshiba’s BDX2100KE features the latest formats: Dolby TrueHD and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio | EssentialTM, which reproduce tonal details on up to 7.1 channels, completing the cinema experience with uncompressed Surround Sound.

Support of BD Live ensures interactivity
Along with picture and sound quality, the interactive features in Toshiba’s BDX2100KE also make the most of Blu-ray technology. Thanks to BD LiveTM (Profile 2.0), users can take full advantage of bonus material on Blu-ray discs – including exclusive downloads, additional making-ofs, chats or games.

Wide variety of formats
Toshiba’s Blu-ray player is a true multimedia whiz, not only excelling in playback, but also supporting a wide selection of formats. Image and audio files in MKV, DivX, HD-JPEG and MP3 formats can be played, and data read from USB sticks. And the BDX2100KE even translates AVCHD-compressed material from camcorders into brilliant images.

Ease of use
A particularly practical feature: with the help of the REGZA-LINK function, the new BDX2100KE can be connected to a REGZA LCD-TV via HDMI cable so that both can be operated with a single remote control.

Important notes:
This product does not play HD DVDs. For HD playback, Blu-ray discs with HD content are required. To play high-definition content, an HDCP-ready DVI or HDMI interface on your TV may be necessary. The performance of interactive and/or network features can vary depending on disc design and content, and may require a constant broadband internet connection. A firmware update may be necessary as well for some interactive and/or network features. Some features may require additional bandwidth.

When using BD-Live, certain content and services may require a USB stick with at least 1GB storage capacity to be inserted in the player’s USB port. BD-Live content and services are provided by third-party suppliers and may be subject to change without notice. Toshiba makes no warranties, statements or assurances with regard to the content, availability or functionality of third-party content or services.

As Blu-ray is a format that uses new technologies and a specific type of data storage medium, problems with the digital connection, compatibility and/or performance are possible. If you experience problems of this sort, please see for further information on the availability of firmware updates that might solve your problem, or contact the Toshiba Service Hotline.

Some features will become available with some delay. A 1080p-ready TV is required to play back 1080p content. The Deep Color feature as specified by HDMI 1.3a requires a compatible Deep-Color-capable HD display and/or device.

The use of REGZA-LINK, a feature based on HDMI-CEC, requires an HDMI-CEC-compatible TV set. Depending on the specifications of your TV set, some or all of the REGZA-LINK functions may not work – even if your TV is HDMI-CEC-compatible.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publication, the product specifications, configurations and the availability of systems/components/options described here are subject to change without notice.

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Toshiba BDX2100KE