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StreamThru travel app now available for iPhone

11th June 2010 Print
Home Page - Departure Day

Mantic Point has announced that StreamThru, it's popular mobile travel assistant is now available for download from Apple's App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

StreamThru is a free, all-in-one travel assistant that helps holidaymakers and business travellers to save time and to stay one step ahead when they're on the move. By helpfully filtering a wide range of travel information, StreamThru ensures that air travellers always see the most relevant content at each stage of their trip.

For example:

- On their departure day, StreamThru updates travellers on their flight status, suggests alternate flights when a flight is delayed or cancelled, and tells them of any traffic jams near the airport

- When the traveller reaches their destination, StreamThru helps them find the best places to visit and explore and let's them keep track of their plans using StreamThru's interactive itinerary manager

StreamThru provides a central place for travellers to gain anytime access to their travel plans even when they're offline (to avoid data roaming charges).

Adding a trip is a simple matter - travellers can either search for and add their flights from within the StreamThru app, or they can forward their flight confirmation emails to StreamThru.

Mike Atherton, Managing Director of Mantic Point commented: "We've been providing white-label mobile travel services since 2007 for many well known travel businesses alongside our own StreamThru brand. The new StreamThru iPhone application is the culmination of everything we've learnt to date and we're delighted with the results. We hope travellers will agree that StreamThru is the most helpful iPhone App for when you're on the move."

StreamThru is available for scheduled flights worldwide and includes the following free content:

- Flight status (scheduled and estimated departure times, departure and arrival terminals and gates*)
- Flight delays / cancellations
- Alternate flight suggestions
- Traffic reports (UK departures)
- Airport terminal guide (100+ airports)
- Parking reminder
- Travel guide
- Events guide (including ability to auto add events to the traveller's itinerary)
- Weather
- Interactive itinerary manager (automatically synchronises with the StreamThru web-site)

StreamThru is available to download from the App Store now.

* Gate information is currently available for most U.S airlines and airports and for some airports in Europe and Asia.

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