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MG Rovers show strength in numbers

25th June 2010 Print

MG Rover cars are still alive and well on the UK’s roads as DVLA figures highlight a slow decline in MG and Rover models, reveals XPart. The figures produced by the DVLA show that the vehicle parc for MG Rovers produced post-2000 has only declined marginally in the past 12 months. The MG parc (ZT, ZS, ZR and F/TF) has reduced by 3.1 percent, and the Rover parc by 3.7 percent (75, 45, 25, Streetwise and City Rover). In total, there are still more than one million MG Rover vehicles registered for use on the UK’s roads, over 50 percent of which were built post-2000. Parts specialist XPart has supplied MG Rover parts since August 2004 and has continued as the brands’ sole supplier of genuine parts following the manufacturer’s collapse in April 2005.

“MG Rover owners have become increasingly confident that genuine parts and high quality servicing for their vehicles are still available,” comments Barry Smith, UK Sales Manager, XPart. “Rover cars remain popular choices as family and first cars, while MGs continue to attract a strong following among motoring enthusiasts. Thanks to the hard work of our 250 MG Rover AutoService centres and to initiatives such as our write-off avoidance programme Close Call, we have been able to slow the decline and offer MG Rover owners dealer-level support in the absence of a manufacturer.”

XPart’s purchasing and supply teams have worked tirelessly over the past five years to ensure the ongoing supply of genuine parts from original MG Rover suppliers. The company has also forged a good working relationship with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), new owners of the MG brand, and continues to source parts made from MG Rover original tooling from its China-based factory. In 2008, XPart agreed a deal with MG Motor (UK) Ltd to distribute replacement parts for the new MG TF car.

“We will continue to support MG Rover owners with genuine parts and servicing over the next five years, and will become increasingly involved in the heritage scene, as MG and Rover cars gradually become classics,” concludes Smith.

For further information on XPart’s parts wholesaler and AutoService centre network, or to locate your nearest XPart MG Rover specialist, please visit

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