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Denmark’s North Jutland - Naturally phenomenal

7th July 2010 Print

With 1,450 km pristine coastline, expansive undulating dunes, untouched beaches, soft meadows, fairytale forests and vast open spaces, North Jutland’s raw, yet entrancing, nature, offers an inviting haven not only for a plethora of wildlife that flock there but anyone lucky enough to encounter Denmark’s ‘Land of Light’.

Said to lift the spirits and awaken the senses, the pure quality of this unique light is reflected in the surrounding nature. From the mesmerising meeting of the two vividly coloured oceans that encircle North Jutland in the far North at Grenen to the shimmering glow that warmly rises off northern Europe’s largest raised peat bog ‘Lille Vildmose’ ( in the South, an extraordinary palette of colours brings alive an impressive and varied landscape which has been anciently shaped by the powerful natural forces of the Ice Age.

In the north, experience the Danish Sahara and its extraordinary migrating dunes. Learn about the 40m high Råbjerg Mile - the largest moving sand drift in Northern Europe as it continues to shape the landscape between Skagen and Frederikshavn - at the Skagen Odde Nature Centre ( Designed by the famous Danish architect Jorn Utzon (who also designed Sydney Opera House), the centre provides a fascinating interactive insight into the flora and fauna, as well as the millions of migratory birds that visit the area. From mid March to June, witness one of the most unique migrations in Europe when huge numbers of varying species of raptor (buzzards, eagles and harriers) magnificently swoop into Skagen to ride the thermals.

Heading further South, enjoy the transformation of scenery where glacial movements of long ago cut right through the region to create the Limfjord ( Surrounded by soft salt meadows, small picturesque fishing villages and historical landscape, the Limfjord is also home to a number of islands. The largest -‘Mors’- ( on the west features gentle hills, wonderful beech forests and fascinating cliffs, which hold fossils bearing witness to more than 55 million years of geological history.

On the western edge of the Limfjord, and stretching from Agger Tange to Hanstholm, lies Denmark’s first National Park -Thy ( Coined ‘the last remaining wilderness in Denmark’, it offers yet another impressive encounter with unspoiled nature. A spectacular area of dune, heathers and thicket, its lakes are rich with frogs, pikes, perches, roaches, eels and salmon with its vegetation attracting a wealth of birds. Nearby, another not to be missed haven for bird lovers is Vejlerne.

The largest bird sanctuary in Northern Europe covering roughly 6, 000 hectares of grazed meadows, reed beds and brackish water lakes, visitors can look but not touch. Closed to public access, the sanctuary is bordered by well-positioned thatched bird tower lookouts and footbridges for excellent bird watching. For more top twitching, the high limestone cliff of Bulbjerg on the coast offer a heady look at the breeding grounds of the North Atlantic seagull - Riden and the rare Fulmar.

Heading inland to the hilly moorland of the Rebild Hills, North Jutland’s natural diversity is highlighted by a visit to the fairytale forest of the Rold Skov ( - one of Denmark's largest forests (80 square kilometres). Covered in lush conifer forests and ancient pockets of beech trees, the Rold is rich in springs creating exquisite crystal clear ponds that support some of Denmark’s rare species of flora and fauna, such as the delicate Lady’s Slipper orchid. With ancient burial mounds, curious erosion holes and tranquil lakes to take a dip, the many interesting and varied attractions are easily explored on one of the numerous cycling, hiking or riding trails.

With a phenomenal amount of natural attractions and more sunshine hours than any other region in Denmark, the simple nature of North Jutland’s beauty is purely that.

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Getting there:
Norwegian airlines offers direct daily flights from Gatwick to Aalborg in under two hours from as little as £30 one-way including taxes ( with car hire available at the airport.