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Festival goers encouraged to insure personal tech

25th August 2010 Print

The summer music festival season reaches its climax in the coming weeks in the UK and those lucky enough to be attending some of the final few live music extravaganzas are being reminded just how easy it is to insure their gadgets and gizmos before they mingle with the musical masses.

Festival goers may wish to consider insuring expensive gadgets such as digital SLR cameras and iPhones – often totaling more than £1,000 in value. These can be a target for thieves. Meanwhile, weather damage and inevitable high jinks can also lead to unwanted mishaps!

Stephen Ebbett, spokesperson for insurance company Protect Your Bubble, stated: “We all know that if you go to a festival there is no immediate need for you to take your iPod with you as you will be surrounded by music for the whole weekend, but you may wish to take your iPhone or want to take a good camera.

“Protect Your Bubble has a number of insurance products which are directly relevant to festival goers, such as iPhone insurance, Camera insurance and other gadget insurance which mean they can enjoy their weekend of music to the full, knowing they have cover.” provide camera insurance policies from £1.49 a month, iPhone insurance from £5.99 a month and laptop insurance from just £3.99 a month.