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Craig Doyle's Dublin

3rd September 2010 Print

Many of us travel around the world visiting many cities for work and pleasure. But what makes us enjoy the areas that we visit? What makes us want to go back and visit the city again? Is it the view? Is it the friendliness of the locals? Is it the culture? Or is it a combination of all the above? One city that has it all is Dublin.

Voted the friendliest city in Europe for a 2nd year running by travel website Trip Adviser, but what is it about the city that makes it so friendly? The city is renowned for its bustling bars, comedy scene and museums. The city also hosts a variety of festivals and attractions, which is why they were also awarded the UNESCO City of Literature award, one of only four cities in the world.

So what else does Dublin have to offer to make it so friendly and welcoming? Craig Doyle, born and bred in Dublin, has been all over the world as a presenter of Holiday and is here now to share his views on what makes Dublin so friendly to its locals and visitors. 

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