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Fairer insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

15th September 2010 Print

Tackling the issue of high priced travel insurance for those with medical conditions and the over-65s, innovative new travel insurance brand,, has been launched with the aim of offering appropriate cover at reasonable prices.

For example, with, someone with high blood pressure and high cholesterol could pay the same as someone with no existing medical conditions. And that means absolute peace of mind should anything go wrong – from needing additional supplies of prescribed drugs to medical treatment.

“Our goal is to make travel possible, without being restricted by the cost of insurance, simply because of pre-existing medical conditions or age,” says Iain Sykes, Managing Director of “We’re focused on providing fair-priced insurance for those with medical conditions and the over-65s, combined with high quality support and care should assistance be needed while they are away from home. We can offer cover for all types of medical condition and with no age limit.”

Any existing medical condition, however mild, must be declared to an insurer to ensure there is access to medical assistance and treatment if required whilst abroad. With one in three adults, or 16 million people, in the UK suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol*, this is one of the more common medical conditions that could be perceived to add to the cost of travel insurance. But does not believe travel insurance costs should be a barrier to getting out and seeing the world. The cost of travel insurance with for someone with these conditions can be the same as someone with no pre-existing conditions.

“Whilst high blood pressure and cholesterol are relatively common medical conditions, they can be exacerbated by a change in diet or the climate when travelling to a new country” continued Iain Sykes. “So even something as straightforward as this, which is easily managed at home through medication, could need additional treatment when abroad. And that’s why it’s crucial to make sure the right travel cover is in place whatever the existing condition someone may have.

“Unfortunately an all-too-popular misconception has evolved that having a medical condition will add significantly to the costs of travel insurance, this is not always the case, with some mild conditions not adding to the cost at all. Unfortunately this misconception has led to some holidaymakers not disclosing their medical history when buying travel insurance, which could invalidate their cover – and leave them in severe difficulties if they did subsequently need assistance while abroad.”

“The fact is, pre-existing cover for the majority of cases no longer needs to cost the earth if you want to travel the world! offers fair priced insurance for travellers of all ages, helping people enjoy their holidays and trips of a lifetime safe in the knowledge that they are covered should something go wrong.” offers travel insurance at fair prices for travellers with all sorts of medical conditions from asthma to heart disease and HIV and cancer including some terminal conditions. offers cover for:

• Pre-existing medical conditions up to a high level of severity and even terminal prognoses
• Cancer, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Stroke, Epilepsy and many more
• Travellers on a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
• Mental health conditions
• Travel companions

“Using our expert knowledge of different medical conditions, combined with an international medical network, can provide travellers with the reassurance that they will be well cared for and receive the right level of medical support anywhere in the world” concluded Iain Sykes. “And it won’t cost the earth - or even an arm and leg.”

*Figures from Blood Pressure Association

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