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Men take a shine to keeping their cars clean

16th September 2010 Print

Next time you see a really dirty car parked in the street the chances are the owner is a woman. That's because when it comes to cars and driving, new research shows there's one area where men take the top spot - they have the cleanest cars.

A study of 3,000 UK motorists by women's car insurance specialist, Diamond has revealed men keep their cars cleaner and tidier than women.

Men are 34% more likely than women to keep their car as clean and tidy as the day they drove it out of the showroom.

61% of men clean their car at least once a month, compared to 46% of women.

Men are one and a half times more likely than women to clean their car every week.

When questioned, more men than women said the cleanliness of the outside of their car is most important to them, whereas more women said they care most about the inside.

However, one in eight women admit they are embarrassed by the state of the inside of their car compared to almost one in ten men.  More women than men also admit they struggle to keep their car interior clean, tidy and well maintained.

Maria McCarthy, motoring journalist and author of ‘The Girls' Car Handbook' said, "I think the results are a bit of surprise. Out of men and women, I'm sure many people would think women are the cleaner and tidier but when it comes to our vehicles, it's clear we're certainly not as car proud as men.

"And, it seems men aren't just spending their time cleaning their own cars. 15% of the women Diamond questioned said they don't clean their own car as their partner cleans it for them!"