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RSA fights arson with new risk tool

16th September 2010 Print

Leading global insurer RSA has replaced its Geographic Risk Assessment (GRA) tool with an enhanced model that will more accurately determine the risk of arson for individual commercial and residential properties.

For the first time, the new technology enables property risks to be assessed on an individual basis rather than by postcode. This means that pricing will be much more accurate for customers and that property owners identified at risk of arson can work with risk managers to reduce their exposure.

Graham Heale, Property Underwriting Director at RSA, said, "It is vital that our people have the most up-to date information and advanced technology at their disposal, in order to asses risks. Measuring risk accurately ensures businesses and individuals are not over-paying for their insurance.

"Many property owners may not know they are at risk of arson, and once we have identified them, we can work together to reduce this risk, which in turn will then be reflected in their insurance costs."