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Fiat posts lowest CO2 figures again

5th October 2010 Print

Fiat Automobiles has again demonstrated its environmental credentials after registering the lowest average CO2 emissions for cars sold in Europe in the first half of 2010.

The figure of 123.5 g/km was corroborated by leading automotive advisor JATO, and is one of a succession of landmark results dating back to 2007.

Of the top 10 brands, Fiat is ahead of Toyota (128.0 g/km), Peugeot (132.3 g/km), Citroen (133.4 g/km), Renault (134.6 g/km), Ford (137.0 g/km), Opel/Vauxhall (141.0 g/km), Volkswagen (142.2 g/km), Audi (154.2 g/km) and BMW (154.5 g/km).

This important outcome is one of three exceptional results recorded in the model and group rankings.  Although all the 20 best-selling models in Europe reduced their emissions in the first half of 2010, no fewer than three Fiat vehicles are ranked in high positions: the Fiat 500 is first with 116.0 g/km of CO2, the Fiat Panda comes second (118.9 g/km) and the Fiat Punto is in fourth place (123.5 g/km).

Fiat Group Automobiles was also confirmed first among the groups (126.2 g/km), increasing the gap with respect to Toyota (130.0 g/km), PSA (132.8 g/km), Renault (136.7 g/km) and Hyundai (138.3 g/km). It means Fiat is the only automotive group that is already below the European average goal of 130 g/km set for 2015.

Fiat SpA is also widely recognised as a sustainability leader. For the second consecutive year the corporation has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Dow Jones Sustainability Europe indexes, receiving a score of 93/100 compared with the Automobiles sector average of 70/100.

And last month Fiat Group was recognised as the Automobiles sector leader in the Sustainalytics assessment with a score of 79/100. Sustainalytics is a global provider of environmental, social and governance research.

These ecological achievements are the result of a long-term strategy based on a two-pronged approach: implementing technological solutions aimed at containing consumption and emissions, and raising the awareness of motorists to encourage a more responsible, eco-compatible use of their cars.