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Daihatsu increases dealer drive into Maidenhead

21st October 2008 Print
Japanese compact car specialist Daihatsu has increased its UK dealer representation in Maidenhead following the appointment of Maidenhead Daihatsu.

The Coleshill-based importer has signed up eight new dealers so far this year and aims to grow its 120-strong network to an eventual 140 showrooms.

The showroom opened its doors once again after 15 years absence in the area when the business was sold.

Dealer Principal, Ian Govier, said: “We are delighted to be appointed once again to a franchise that produce good, quality cars, representing great value for money. We have always had a soft spot for Daihatsu and the opportunity to bring them back and add them to our existing Japanese compact car marque was too irresistible.”

He added: “Our main task is to develop the brand in the Maidenhead area and generate new converts to add to our loyal customer base. Whilst other manufacturers shift away from their roots, Daihatsu remain loyal to the ‘compact car specialist’ tradition. Five-year warranty, £35 road tax, 70 mpg plus low emissions, Daihatsu fits in nicely with the current economic climate.”

The newly opened showroom at 5 Bath Road (01628 776633) with its customer-focused staff will offer a full range of new and used Daihatsu products. Aftersales are at Littlewick Green Service Station, Bath Road, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead (01628 501450).

Paul Tunnicliffe, Managing Director, Daihatsu Vehicle Distributors Ltd said: “For us the dealer creates opportunities in the marketplace regardless of where they are located. With ever-increasing fuel costs and tighter budgets, the dealers are the key to the fortune of Daihatsu in the UK.”

Meanwhile, Daihatsu’s new five-year warranty introduced this year is proving a strong attraction to the brand with sales up more than 4 per cent year-to-date.