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SuperUte stars in testing

7th December 2010 Print

LupiniPower's Chevrolet SuperUte prototype has emerged from a gruelling double test program of development and road testing with flying colours.

The first, black SuperUte was completed early in 2010 before being subjected to a comprehensive 6-month development and testing programme prior to the vehicle's specification sign off.  The unit was re-detailed and presented to the local and international press and sent to top South Africa titles for road testing through October and November with spectacular results.

SuperUte has been embraced by the media home and away with literally hundreds of thousands of references from around the world available via internet searches, while local media has equally been thrilled by the 535bhp pickup - or bakkie as such a vehicle is termed in it's home market. South Africans can also look forward to reading several road test reviews in all of their top motoring magazines over the holiday period and beyond.

The most significant aspect of SuperUte's entire development and test process however, is that the test unit stood up to the torture of intense development and a demanding media road test programme without any untoward problems to either the base vehicle or the performance modifications. Only one concern raised its head when LupiniPower's original front brake solution suffered overheating problems in the most extreme of testing conditions.

That prompted a rethink of the front brake specification incorporating bigger rotors and higher specification callipers. The company will confirm as soon as the new set-up has been subjected to and successfully overcome the same rigorous tests. For the rest, SuperUte has passed all tests with flying colours.

"We are delighted with SuperUte reliability and durability," LupiniPower CEO Michele Lupini revealed." Our 20 000 miles of accelerated development trials and media road testing can be equated to 100 000 miles of normal driving even in more aggressive hands.

"We also keenly anticipate the outcome of South Africa's foremost motor magazines' road tests on SuperUte over and above those already posted on the Internet and published in the various newspaper car supplements," Lupini concluded. "SuperUte has surpassed even our highest expectations in every respect - never mind that it's been a huge pleasure to witness this entire highly successful process unfold."

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