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Samsung's Blu-ray player commands European market

14th December 2010 Print

Samsung has announced that Samsung Blu-ray players are commanding the European market with outstanding technology and design.

According to market research firm GgK, the Blu-ray player products of Samsung Electronics took a European market share of 25% in terms of sales and 24% in terms of units sold for the January-September period in Europe - topping the European market.

The company also secured its strong position as a leading provider of Blu-ray players in another developed market - Latin America - with Samsung's Blu-ray players accounting for 48% of the market in terms of sales and 46% in terms of units. Strengthening its top position with an overwhelming market share of almost 50% there.

Samsung's remarkable market leadership in Blu-ray players was mainly driven by

Superiority in product quality and design and

Aggressive marketing with industry's largest line-ups of 3D Blu-ray players

Samsung Electronics have come up with market-leading products since it launched the world's first Blu-ray player in 2006. Last year, the company further proved its technology excellence with the world's thinnest Blu-ray player, which measures only 39 mm. This year, it also led the market by unveiling a 3D Blu-ray player faster than any other rivals.

What's more users are now able to enjoy rich and locally relevant content via Apps available on their Samsung Blu-ray player, all from the comfort of their own homes. Available Apps include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and DailyMotion - with more applications set to go live throughout 2011.

Another worthwhile note is that Samsung's Blu-ray player appeals to global consumers with its stylish design that goes well with Samsung TV, the world's No. 1 product.

"We will step up efforts to penetrate the market with various products around 3D Blu-ray players to meet the needs and convenience of customers and do utmost to achieve the milestone to remain atop in the market for two years in a row," said Andy Griffiths, UK Vice President of Consumer Electronics.