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The perfect January sales escape

22nd December 2010 Print

Brighton’s famous Victorian hotel The Grand is offering the ideal luxury New Year shopping experience in an exciting partnership with the city’s most exclusive boutique destinations.

For even the most ardent of shoppers, the New Year sales are a double edged sword. As the prices tumble, the shops and the streets become a sea of eager elbows and shoulders, squeezing through crowded doorways to get to that bargain before someone else.

But thanks to The Grand Hotel in Brighton there is a more fabulous way to enjoy investing in your New Year wardrobe.

They’ve teamed up with a range of independent Brighton fashion boutiques in the cities famous north and south Lanes, to offer a package that combines a one-night stay in the world famous hotel with the chance to enjoy a relaxed shopping experience and even some exclusive savings at outlets such as Get Cutie and Covet  (where guests of the Grand will receive a ten per cent discount).

Andrew Mosely, manager at The Grand said: “We wanted to do something a little bit special this year to celebrate New Year at the hotel and also something that showcased the best that Brighton has to offer. We think it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the high street and guests can return to the hotel and enjoy a well earned cocktail at our historic bar.”

In creating this package The Grand are capitalising on a growing trend for a more individually tailored approach to hotel stays and city visits. And by offering a more intimate shopping experience, it allows local businesses to work together to expand their customer base outside of the city.

So this New Year you can tuck your elbows in and put your shoulders down, because with The Grand’s new shopping package, the only squeezing you will be doing is in trying to get your bags back into your hotel room!

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