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LG to unveil complete range of 3D AV devices at CES 2011

24th December 2010 Print

LG is set to greatly expand the 3D home entertainment experience as it unveils a full range of 3D AV devices at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The showpiece 3D devices include the HX996TS, a Real 3D Sound Home Cinema System; the HB906SB, a premium Blu-ray 3D Disc Home Cinema System; and the BD690, a Network Blu-ray 3D Disc Player that delivers the perfect 3D entertainment experience for every occasion and setting.

“3D entertainment is set to explode in the year ahead and LG is setting the pace with our new 3D AV line-up,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “From picture to connectivity to sound, we’ve tailored all our products to produce the best 3D home entertainment experience possible and we’re eager to show these off at the largest consumer electronics show in the world.”

The HX996TS, LG’s Real 3D Sound Home Cinema System, complements 3D home entertainment with a sound as deep and lifelike as any 3D image. Its innovative new approach to audio includes the Vertical 3D Effect Channel, which works by emitting sound through the tops of the system’s four Tallboy Speakers. The resulting audio waves completely fill the space above viewers’ heads, creating the illusion that they’re right in the middle of the movie. The HX996TS was the recipient of a 2011 CES Innovations Honoree Awards.

The HB906SB, a premium Blu-ray 3D Disc Home Cinema System, is the ideal platform for bringing 3D films to life. Boasting 1,100 watts of output, the HB906SB’s lush, powerful sound can be tailored to users’ needs with the seven different modes of LG’s signature Sound Gallery, which is further strengthened by LG’s new Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Both of LG’s new Home Cinema Systems have superb connectivity with full support for USB recordings and HDMI. They also support built-in Wi-Fi applications, iPod and iPhone dock cradle, and a number of options for providing superior sound for 3D HDTVs and other home entertainment devices.

Lastly, the BD690, a Network Blu-ray 3D Disc Player, provides the ultimate companion to HDTV with Blu-ray 2D and 3D Disc playback and an on-board digital media library. Additionally, the BP650 Network Blu-ray 3D Disc Player is a great portable option, with its compact design and internet and HDMI connectivity.

All of LG’s new 3D AV devices complement their first-class technology with slim and innovative designs. Audio files in most major markets will be able to experience LG’s new 3D AV devices starting in early 2011.