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Saucy stockings for Valentine's Day!

26th January 2011 Print

The meaning of Valentine's Day needs no introduction. And unless you're of the male species, it's unlikely that you'll need reminding of the date either! Gender aside, if you're struggling for gift ideas this Valentine's Day, look no further than some saucy stockings; we can't resist them.

In a recent survey, carried out by Tightsplease, 63% of the women asked, preferred Stockings over Hold Up's. Forty-seven percent of these stocking wearing minxes confessed to wearing them simply to crank up the sex factor in the bedroom! Ooh La La! And your men are loving it; sixty-nine percent of your other halves prefer you in stockings, probably because they make 43% of you feel sexy and are a super confidence booster. We all know there's nothing more attractive than confidence.

When it comes to buying stockings, we're blowing the budget! Almost half of those questioned prefer to spend anything up to £50 on a pair, but if we're wearing them most often in the bedroom, it's about the quality ladies, no-one enjoys cheap, especially not in the boudoir.

Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian publicly favour Wolford hosiery over any other brand. If you're looking for luxurious stockings, either as a Valentines gift for her, or a cheeky treat for him, you'll find a huge selection of Wolford hosiery at

When it comes to our favourite style of stockings and hold ups, those with a lace top detail were favoured by 42% of those asked. At £29.99 Wolford Satin Touch 20 worn with a suspender belt, will make an impact this Valentine’s Day. For those looking to cause a stir in the bedroom, Wolford Dazzle Stay Ups at £32, will ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

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