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Sharon Stone leg cross scene is film fans’ most paused moment

24th February 2011 Print

Bringing a new meaning to ‘blink and you’ll miss it’, Sharon Stone’s infamous case of indecent exposure in Basic Instinct has been voted the number one most paused film moment by one in three film fans, according to a new poll of LOVEFiLM users.

The reveal was voted the top scene avid film critics would most like to pause for posterity in a poll by LOVEFiLM, Europe’s largest subscription service streaming movies and TV episodes over the internet and sending DVDs by post – and is just one of thousands of similar ‘must see’ moments that film fans can now skip to effortlessly using LOVEFiLM’s watch online service available across multiple platforms.

Jennifer Lopez’s cheeky bottom flash in The Back-Up Plan took second place in the poll with 16 per cent. Keen Lopez fans are likely to be pretty handy with the pause button when it comes to this rump-revealing scene in the 2010 romantic comedy – after all, it is what she’s famous for.

Crashing into third place is a clumsy Stormtrooper banging his head, and presumably feeling the force, in the background of a scene from Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope (15 per cent). In fourth place is Jamie Lee Curtis treating viewers to a split second shot of her in the mirror, sans top, in 1983’s Trading Places.

A rabbit going commando? It could only be Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? giving all male rabbits out there a reason to reach for the pause button and hopping into fifth place (six per cent).

Flashing up in sixth place (five per cent) is Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club, who appears for a split second behind a doctor in a hospital scene whilst in seventh place is the appearance of Captain America’s shield on protagonist Tony Stark’s desk in Iron Man 2.

Coming in eighth (three per cent) is a classic scene from Disney favourite The Lion King in which an exhausted Simba collapses at the edge of a cliff face, sending clouds of dust spiralling into the air. Despite many believing the dust particles spelt something far ruder, the letters are most likely to spell out S.F.X, an abbreviation for the Special Effects used in the animation process.

In ninth place (two per cent) is a cameo from everyone’s favourite 80s video game character, Pacman, in the original Tron and in tenth place (one per cent) is another bottom flash courtesy of Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut.

The Top Ten most paused moments are as follows:
1. Sharon Stone crossing her legs – Basic Instinct (1992) – 31 %
2. Jennifer Lopez naked – The Back-Up Plan (2010) – 16%
3. Stormtrooper bangs his head – Star Wars - Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) – 15%
4. Jamie Lee Curtis flash – Trading Places (1983) – 8%
5. Jessica Rabbit goes commando – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) – 6%
6. Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital – Fight Club (1999) – 5%
7. Captain America’s shield appears on desk – Iron Man 2 (2010) – 4%
8. Dust spells out ‘S.F.X’ – The Lion King (1994) – 3%
9. Pacman Cameo – Tron (1982) –2%
10. Nicole Kidman flash – Eyes Wide Shut (1999) – 1%

Other – 9 %

Hundreds of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ titles are available to watch instantly online now via the LOVEFiLM Player, PS3 and connected devices, including Eyes Wide Shut and Iron Man 2 from LOVEFiLM’s top ten list.

Fliss White, Head of Brand Marketing at LOVEFiLM commented:

“LOVEFiLM’s streaming service makes it easy to stop, pause or jump between key scenes in a flash, meaning you won’t miss a moment. With thousands of titles available to watch instantly via PC, PS3™ or connected devices, you can ensure that those tricky ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ scenes can be enjoyed time and time again.”

“Some moments in film will stay with viewers for a lifetime, but there are also those little gems that can quite easily be missed. Often put into the film by playful editors and directors, some of these moments were never meant to be seen by the general viewing population – but still add a fun twist to many classic movies and scenes.

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