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Vacu Vin's new Rapid Ice coolers will cool drinks in mins

18th March 2011 Print
Vacu Vin

Get Cool this summer with a Vacu Vin Rapid Ice. With 4 new designs, warm drinks are out and cool is in! A Vacu Vin Rapid Ice will chill drinks in a matter of minutes and keep them cool for hours. To use, store them in the freezer, then when required, simply slip over the bottle. The bottle and its contents will be chilled in around 5 minutes and will stay cool for hours! The coolers are unbreakable and reusable. Can be purchased individually in a choice of designs at £7.95

There are 4 new designs, Party People, Harvest, Royal Blue and Platinum.

Typical In Store Prices
Elegant Champagne £32.50
Rapid Ice Coolers (all designs including new) £7.95
Cooling Carafes £21.50
Beer Cooler £3.95
Elegant Stainless Steel £22.50
Water Cooler £3.95
Elegant Black £11.95
Mini Can's (set of two) 5.95

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Vacu Vin