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Download the Slow Wine iPhone app!

22nd March 2011 Print

Slow Wine gives wine lovers a realistic snapshot of the current landscape of Italian wines and of the immense viticultural heritage that the country has to offer.

The new English language application, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is available in both a free trial version and the “full option” for £5.99.

Slow Wine has chosen the web to present itself to an international audience with an electronic, English language edition created for iOS (iPhone Operating System) allowing wine lovers around the world to discover the best wineries and wines of Italy according to Slow Food, directly from their personal iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
The “Slow Wine” application is an editorial project developed by Slow Food Editore and realised by Ovolab. Whilst maintaining an immensely rich database of wineries (1,830) and wines (8,400) reviewed in the paperback edition, it is enriched with new features and instruments that allow one to navigate and share all the information on the vast Italian heritage of people, vineyards and wines in an easy and intuitive way.
The navigation takes advantage of various searching criteria: besides the traditional symbols awarded in the guide (Snail, Bottle, Coin, Slow Wine, Great Wine and Everyday Wine) it is possible to search for specific key words eg the grape variety, the name of the winery or the wine. Furthermore, the app allows one to explore specific terroirs through numerous wine maps: by region or by production area, with plenty of introductory dossiers and information on the regional agronomic background. Or simply find the slow wineries closest to you thanks to the integrated Google mapkit.
Slow Wine allows one to plan their trip to the Langhe in Piedmont on the tracks of the famous Barolo or Barbaresco wines or to explore Irpinia with its “golden triangle” of Taurasi, Fiano d’Avellino and Greco di Tufo.
The navigation of the wineries’ descriptive sheets is completely interactive: from the service tools such as telephone and email, to the geographical localisation on the map or the link to the company’s website. The three thematic sections - Life, Vineyards and Wines - enable Slow Food to look deeper into the quality and are easily identifiable by three icons. They also introduce the reader to the stories of the people behind the wine production, to the vineyards visited, their characteristics, to viticultural methods, and finally, to the wines, reviewed in a simple manner and linked to a series of technical information.
The Slow Wine app features new descriptions and detailed wine sheets, yet its contents can also be enriched, personalised and shared online, for example by adding a personal tasting note or a photo of a specific wine. The “favourites” function reminds us of a winery or a wine that has struck us in particular, while the “social network” allows one to share and recommend wines and wineries to our friends. 
Slow Wine is available from the App store in a free trial version, allowing access to the “Everyday Wine” sheets (wines that have been highlighted by Slow Food for their excellent price to quality ratio), complete with all the basic tools to memorise favourites, consult the wine maps, share wineries and wines on  Facebook and allowing access to the complete list of reviewed wineries. The complete package can be purchased for £5.99.
“Slow Wine changes the way wines are reviewed”, comments Marco Bolasco, CEO of Slow Food Editore. “The iPhone app creates new ways of discussing and exchanging contents, ideas and projects among authors, producers, food communities, readers and Slow Food members. This is the natural course for a publishing house that wants to keep listening to the world and communicating it, yet in order to do so we have to deepen our knowledge and keep our ears and eyes open.”
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