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Brits jet off to Spain this Easter

21st April 2011 Print

Spain proved to be the most popular destination for over a quarter (28%) of Brits taking a car hire holiday during April 2011, with the extra bank holiday proving too much to resist for many. Other destinations listed in the top ten compiled by leading car hire comparison site, included the USA (2nd), Italy (3rd), Portugal (4th) and France (5th).

Proving to be an all-year-round destination for us chilly Brits, Spain also topped the charts during the winter months of 2010 / 2011. The USA is the second most popular fly drive destination (15%) for those trying to escape jam-packed bank holiday motorways coupled with the onslaught of tourists for the Royal Wedding weekend just after Easter.

With many Brits looking forward to taking just three days of their holiday allowance and getting a huge eleven days off in the sun this April, Anel Bruns, Product Manager at leading car rental price comparison site, advises drivers to do their homework before embarking on a journey: “Hiring a car is one of the best and easiest ways to explore new destinations, but before you jump behind the wheel of your rental car, research specific traffic rules and local driving etiquette to help boost your confidence and avoid unpleasant surprises.”

Driving in Spain – Five top tips to know before you go!

• Flash Your Headlights – Don’t be alarmed if Spanish drivers flash their headlights before overtaking you on the motorway. It is the law in Spain so make sure you do the same if you are about to pass another car.

• Take it easy on the alcohol – Drink driving laws are even stricter in Spain than the UK. The consumption limit is 0.05% which equates to around one small beer so take it easy when you’re sunning yourself on the veranda if you plan to get behind the wheel that day!

• Watch your speed – there has been a temporary change to the speed limit on motorways in Spain until further notice as a fuel saving measure. 110km/h is the absolute maximum, with 100km/h on open roads and 50 km/h in towns and remember you can receive an on-the-spot fine or even imprisonment if you break the law!

• Carry compulsory items at all times – there are several items you simply must carry when driving in Spain. These are a visibility vest, a warning triangle, all documentation (i.e. driving licence, vehicle registration and certificate of motor insurance if you are driving your own car), a replacement set of light bulbs and a spare pair of glasses if you are a wearer.

• Beware of smaller vehicles - Compared to the UK, you may be surprised at how many motorbikes and mopeds there are on the roads. Take extra care as they will weave in and out of traffic so be very aware at all times.