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Wine tours to Bordeaux and Burgundy

27th April 2011 Print

The autumn wine tour program is now available from BKWine, a tour operator specialised in wine and food tours.

The scheduled tours for this fall include two destinations: Bordeaux and Burgundy. The detailed programs are available at

BKWine offers two classic wine travel destinations on the scheduled program for the autumn, in addition to custom designed travel solutions to, for example, France, Italy, and Portugal.

The Bordeaux tour will take the wine traveller to some of the prestigious chateaux in the world’s most famous wine region. But the tour will also take the wine lover behind the scenes and show “the real Bordeaux” where both the ultra-luxury chateaux and the family owned estates have a place. Each winery visit includes private wine tastings. There will also be gastronomic meals served at the chateaux, accompanied by the properties’ own wines.

The Burgundy wine tour will take the traveller to a selection of the top producers in the region. There are two main types of wine producers in Burgundy: big merchants with well-known brands making blended wines, and small often family owned wineries focusing on vineyard and terroir specific wines. This wine tour is dedicated to the individual growers and will include extensive tastings of most of the famous appellations in Burgundy. Several Grand Cru wines, the most exclusive of Burgundies, will be on tasting. The tour also includes three gourmet lunches, some of which will be as invited guests in the home of wine producers.

Both tours take place in October and extend over three full days of visits and tastings – approximately ten winery visits on each tour – and four hotel nights at centrally located hotels.

Britt Karlsson, one of the founders of BKWine, comments on the program: “We want to give our customers an insight into and an experience of the best, most unique producers. Our focus is therefore on individual growers with a strong quality reputation and not so much on the big and famous ‘brands’ that are well-known all over the world. I personally visit more than 200 wineries each year so I can select for our clients the very best and the most interesting. What we give to our travellers and guests is a unique experience tailor made for the occasion, not a cookie-cutter tour.”

Britt also comments on the recent development of the travel business: “2011 has got off to a very good start and we already have a lot of requests for the autumn. We have seen two years where people have cut down on discretionary spending like travel but this year is looking much more positive. Perhaps that has also to do with that the BKWine tours offer exceptional value for money and are much more affordable than what most of our American-based colleagues do. We expect to do around 15 scheduled tours in 2011. But what is also very positive is the increasing demand we see for private custom made tours from companies, wine tasting clubs and individual groups. In total we expect to do around 30 wine and food tours in 2011, a solid increase from the year before.”

BKWine is a tour operator specialised in wine and food travel, based in Paris. The BKWine tours have been named “World’s Top Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure Magazine. BKWine was founded by Britt & Per Karlsson who are also well-known wine writers and recently won the award “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals” for The Creation of a Wine. Destinations include Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, as well as the rest of France, Tuscany, Piedmont and several other regions in Italy, and also Portugal, Spain, Croatia, South Africa, Austria and other wine countries.

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