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Tube Lines makes a smart decision

20th May 2011 Print

Tube Lines, the company which manages fleet vehicles for Transport for London has chosen smart to assist its engineers in making urgent repairs.
Following successful trials of three smart fortwo cdi coupe models, Tube Lines has taken delivery of an additional thirteen cars. The fully-liveried cars will be equipped with a small repair kit, and will be used by Tube Lines’ engineers to visit sites or stations.
After considering a number of different vehicles, including some powered by electric, Tube Lines opted for the ultra-frugal smarts to replace a number of its vans. The smart cdi qualifies for 100% discount on London Congestion Charge, as it emits just  86g/km CO2*, well below the 100g/km CO2 limit introduced by Transport for London earlier this year.  This was a key part of Tube Lines’ decision, along with the fact that a fleet of the smart cdi’s would immediately and significantly lower the company’s carbon footprint.
The manoeuvrability of the smart cdi, its urban fuel economy of over 85mpg and exemption from the annual road licence charge were also important reasons why Tube Lines chose the 54bhp model.
“The smart cdi was by far the best vehicle for our needs, when it came to combining exemplary environmental credentials with the durability of running day and night, as our engineers keep London moving,” explained Philip Constable, General Manager Specialist Services for Tube Lines.
“Using a smart cdi also means we are able to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions and fuel usage, while its better suitability to urban driving means that our engineers are able to carry out repairs quicker than before.”
Philip continued: ”There is the potential for smart to have an even bigger presence in our fleet and we will certainly be considering the electric smart too.”
Gary Savage, Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said: “When the company that plays a major role in keeping London moving efficiently and cleanly chooses smart, this really underlines the brand’s unrivalled package of efficiency, reliability and comfort.
“smart has always been the ultimate city car. The smart cdi already eclipses its rivals in the urban environment and the forthcoming electric smart will build on this with zero emissions.“

* Applies to smart fortwo cdi with softip transmission

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