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MINI's a cut above as ultimate ‘hairdresser's car'

27th May 2011 Print

The term ‘hairdresser's car' has long been used to describe sporty little run-arounds popular with nation's style conscious hair stylists, but is the expression a fair one?

Women's car insurance specialist Diamond decided to find out what hairdressers really drive and can reveal that the most popular, and therefore ultimate ‘hairdresser's car', is the Mini One.

Diamond looked at data from over 18,000 hairdressers to create a definitive list of the most popular cars amongst Britain's hairdressers*. The Mini One is three and a half times more likely to be driven by a hairdresser than everyone else. The next most popular for hairdressers are the Vauxhall Tigra and Volkswagen Beetle, which are both more than three times as popular with hairdressers than the rest of us. Rounding out the top five are the Ford Ka and Mini Cooper.

Commenting on the findings, Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych said, "It's not surprising that the Mini One is so popular amongst hairdressers, as it's stylish, modern and looks great. In fact, with two Mini models in the top 5, that certainly cements its place as the ultimate ‘hairdresser's car'."

The list of ultimate ‘hairdresser's cars' is as follows:

1. Mini One
2. Vauxhall Tigra
3. Volkswagen Beetle
4. Ford Ka
5. Mini Cooper

Diamond also wanted to see if hairdressers like to show off their perfectly coiffured locks in a convertible car. It found that they're happy to have the wind through their hair as they're 33% more likely than non-hairdressers to drive one.

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