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Cool camping - festival fever and holiday fun

14th June 2011 Print

The coolest VW Camper of them all - the cult 1965 split screen - is back and more fun than ever before.  This tent is the perfect accessory for those uber-chic campers who make it all look effortlessly stylish, for those looking for adventure from surfers to mountain bikers, for those who like to reminisce about the ‘good ol days’ or those simply looking to add a little extra fun to their trip.  Just about everyone then!

The VW Campervan Tent, which has two compartments, comes in three colours; red, blue and yellow and has an RRP of £300.00.  It sleeps between four and five adults and is made from high quality materials which are fireproof, waterproof and windproof.

Have a little fun camping this summer and bring a smile to fellow camper’s faces with the DogHouse tent from  This great new design is perfect for those with a sense of humour and who enjoy standing out from the crowd or simply need to be put in ‘back in their box’ but with a touch of style.

The DogHouse tent sleeps two adults and retails at £59.99.  It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, fireproof, waterproof and windproof and makes the perfect accessory for festival goers and those campers looking to enjoy long weekends away.    For even more fun, the DogHouse tent comes with its very own dog bowl, so now there’s every excuse to misbehave and land up in the DogHouse!

Get ready for a great new camping adventure or a summer of festival fun and have fellow campers reeling with envy.  The VW Campervan Tent is available from early August but orders can be placed in advance at  The DogHouse will be ready for dispatch mid July and orders can also be placed in advance.