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'Try before you buy' cosmetics application for iPhone and iPad

16th June 2011 Print

EZface is introducing an app designed for both iPhone and iPad which will integrate seamlessly with the company's 'try before you buy' in-store kiosks and web applications to provide a comprehensive multi-platform marketing system for retailers and cosmetic brands.

Announced at the Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum in the L'Oreal Innovation Zone, the new iPhone and iPad app features the company's highly intuitive proprietary Virtual Mirror Application (VMA) facial recognition technology. EZface Virtual Mirror technology, already in use across in-store kiosks and on retailer and cosmetics brands' online web applications, gives shoppers the ability to virtually apply cosmetics directly on their own photos. The virtual mirror gives a true depiction of exactly how differing shades and intensities of beauty products including foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, eye-shadow and mascara will appear on the shopper's face.

EZface Virtual Mirror technology features sophisticated algorithms to analyze the consumer's photo and accurately depict, within seconds, how selected cosmetics will look on the shopper, taking into account skin tone, facial features and hair colour. The system provides a true-to-life photorealistic preview of the customer's new look, eliminating any doubt or worry as to whether the chosen products will complement their appearance.

"The EZface mobile application turns your iPhone or iPad into a virtual makeup advisor that provides custom looks and helps you explore new make-up styles and trends," said Ruth Gal, EZface co-founder and Marketing Vice President. "Once finished a shopper can save and share her photo with friends via email or social networking sites, and continue to browse or purchase products while online or mobile. The mobile app also provides the shopper with tailored product recommendations and targeted coupons from the retail outlet and cosmetic brands."

With IDC predicting that the worldwide Smartphone market will expand by 55% in 2011 alone and Visiongain predicting the mobile applications market to be worth an estimated $25 billion by 2015, the new mobile app is set to provide retailers and the cosmetics industry with a powerful marketing tool.

EZface's Virtual Mirror technology has been successfully deployed on in-store kiosk and web platforms by many leading cosmetics brands and retailers worldwide. The new mobile application integrates seamlessly to provide a multi-platform holistic marketing approach that allows shoppers to virtually test and buy cosmetics products whether in-store, online or while mobile.

The EZface app for iPhone and iPad is soon to be released on iTunes and an EZface powered app for Android is under development.

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