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Home of Vauxhall’s Vivaro welcomes new Griffin

23rd June 2011 Print
Vauxhall Luton

As Vauxhall’s celebrated Luton van plant goes from strength to strength a bold new Griffin reaffirms its supremacy over Luton’s manufacturing operation. The new Griffin is now sitting prominently on the building reminding visitors of Vauxhall’s presence and long-standing heritage in Luton.
Vauxhall Vivaro build continues to increase and by the end of May, Vivaro sales in the UK year-to-date were up 61.3 per cent year-on-year.  In addition last month, the company also recorded its 800,000th Vivaro-type vehicle built in Luton.
During a recent visit, Prime Minister David Cameron showed his support to Vauxhall’s successful van facility which is by far the largest van manufacturing plant in the UK. The plant prides itself in the strength of its dedicated and highly trained workforce, instrumental in the plant’s unrelenting competitiveness.
Thus, Vauxhall’s van plant in Luton was recently awarded the next generation Vivaro which will see its start of production end 2013. The long lifecycle of LCVs makes the manufacturing operation one of the most secure workplaces in the UK.
Mark Stein, Vauxhall’s Luton Plant Director, said: “Recent developments here in Luton prove that dedication and focus on the job in hand find recognition on all levels – in the market, internally and also with the government. The new Griffin will remind everybody of Vauxhall’s long-standing manufacturing presence in Luton, building Best of British commercial vehicles.”

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Vauxhall Luton