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Scotland in 'easy' reach with new Gatwick flights

19th July 2011 Print

If you’re planning a trip from London to Aberdeen for business or leisure, easyJet’s new Gatwick to Aberdeen flights can save you a precious 13 hours and £180 over travelling by train.

Gone are the days of waiting on chilly station platforms, tackling three train changes and trying to understand the difference between peak, off-peak, super saver and advanced fares.  Prices for easyJet’s new flights from Gatwick to Aberdeen start from £27.99 (one way including taxes) and take just one hour and 40 minutes.

Train journeys from London take a minimum of eight hours each way, cancelling out two full days in the office or of a hard earned holiday.  Travelling by air from the South of England to our Scottish neighbours beats any journey by rail hands down for time and value.

The new route has proven to be so popular with passengers that easyJet is set to increase flights to twice daily from winter 2011, making it even more convenient for business passenger to jet in and out in one day.

Paul Simmons, UK director from easyJet said: “It’s never been quicker, easier or more affordable to take a trip from the capital to the north of Scotland.

“We listened to our passengers and identified a demand for a daily service from London to Aberdeen for both business and leisure purposes, which will increase to twice daily in winter. This cuts out more than 13 hours of travel time each way and significantly reduces the cost.

“With such beautiful scenery, cosmopolitan mixture of shops and restaurants and business networking opportunities in Scotland’s third largest city – few people have the time or money to waste on making the journey by train.”

easyJet is the largest airline to fly from London Gatwick and now offers a choice of 92 destinations. This year alone the low cost airline has launched new routes to Amman, Seville, Izmir, Bologna, Zagreb, Verona and Catania.