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MINI best of ‘British’

8th August 2011 Print

As more and more people choose to buy locally produced products over foreign imports, the Great British motorist is no exception. If money was no object, 60% of motorists would prefer to buy a British car, new research by Manheim Auctions has revealed.
But what makes a car British? 
The latest findings showed that almost one in five motorists consider where a car is built when thinking of its ‘British-ness’, as well as its heritage and ownership of the company. When asked to name the most ‘British’ car, the original Mini (pre 1980) came top, but interestingly the Ford Focus, a car never manufactured in the UK and owned by the American car giant, came fifth!
Only three truly British cars made it into the public’s top 10 ‘British’ cars: the Mini (pre 1980), Jaguar E-type and Rover 75.
The top 10 poll of ‘British’ cars includes:
1. Mini (pre 1980)
2. Rolls Royce
3. Aston Martin
4. Jaguar E Type
5. Ford Focus
6. Bentley
7. Ford Fiesta
8. Rover 75
10. Vauxhall Astra
“There are many cars associated with Britain when in fact they’re not strictly British. The Ford Focus has never been built in the UK, nor is it owned by a British company, but the Ford brand which celebrates 100 years in the UK this year is one that is considered by many to be ‘British’,” commented Craig Mailey, Marketing Director, Manheim Auctions.
“What’s really interesting is that the tide has turned and motorists would, if they could, buy a British car. There’s definitely been a shift towards buying home grown products in other sectors, be it food from British farmers or furniture made by British craftsmen from British materials, and if money was no object, cars would be included too.”

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