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Book a home rather than a hotel when visiting London

17th August 2011 Print

London is a dream holiday destination for families, but due to the perceived difficulties of hotel life with children, visiting London often remains just an aspiration. AccommodateLondon, which provides a selection of fine, privately owned, Central London properties for short stay business or vacation travellers, provides a welcome alternative that can make London an annual rather than just a dream destination for families.

Renting a home from AccommodateLondon ensures families will have access to a well equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, flat screen televisions and excellent broadband service. Many homes will also have a wide selection of dvds available as well as a range of choices on television. Having a kitchen and entertainment options can be a terrific help if children are experiencing jet lag or if they have special dietary needs. Reasonably priced and reliable babysitting services can be set up in advance, often with sitters vetted by the owners for their own children.

Renting a home through AccommodateLondon also means families can stay in some of the loveliest parts of London, which are not served by hotels. In Wimbledon for example, with its fabulous park and tennis museum, families can stay in homes which are rented each year by the world’s top seeds.

Joanna Doniger, founder and owner of Accommodate London, as well as TennisLondon, which provides accommodation for most of the tennis stars during Wimbledon, advises:

“London hotels are amongst the finest in the world but what many families need for a truly successful and memorable holiday is a more flexible and homelike environment.

“If visitors are looking to stay for a week or longer and are coming as a family or group, a home rental will also offer better value for money, more privacy and a more personal experience.”

“For example, we’ve organised a magnificent home for a family coming from Ireland for their son’s wedding in London. We were able to find a home that could accommodate 12 family members together, near the wedding venues, which will make the experience far easier and more enjoyable for all of them.

“Last year we were able to find the perfect home for an American family coming over during their children’s autumn break. They stayed in South Kensington, near the museums and not only enjoyed their cultural experiences but met other families in the neighbourhood. They had such a good time they are coming back again this year.”

What sets AccommodateLondon apart is that it’s not just a website listing service. All properties are visited, vetted and hand-picked for inclusion, with the benefits and issues of each property discussed with clients, who can be confident that homes listed with AccommodateLondon are well maintained and reflect the company’s full service approach. This extends far beyond property rental and encompasses a wide range of concierge services from personal training to fine dining, and everything in between.

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