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Leeds launches 1 year fixed rate bond at 3.6%

18th August 2011 Print

Leeds Building Society has unveiled a market leading 1 year fixed rate bond combining a high guaranteed return of 3.6% gross p.a./ AER with unlimited access to 25% of the funds, without notice or penalty, at any time.

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society's Sales and Marketing Director said, "This bond offers a market leading rate of 3.6% gross p.a./ AER combined with the flexibility of unlimited access to 25% of the funds. Furthermore, it can be opened with only £100.

"Other fixed rate bonds currently available on the market require customers to lock away all, or the large majority of, their funds.

"We believe our new 3.6% 1 year bond provides the best of both worlds and expect this combination of a high fixed rate and access to prove popular.

"The maximum investment is £5,000 (£10,000 for joint accounts) of new money for this new account, which is available throughout our 65 strong national branch network, through postal channels and online."

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