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1 in 3 young people are more likely to date a car owner

22nd August 2011 Print

If you are a 17-25 year old car owner your wheels could help you to get a date: more than 1 in 3 young adults (34%) feel that young people who can drive and have a car are more sexy than non-drivers, and more likely to get a boyfriend/girlfriend, according to a survey by

More than 1 in 3 (35%) told that having a car and being able to drive will improve your chances of getting a date with them. It doesn't matter too much what kind of car it is though: only 12% of young adults admit to dating someone because of the car they drive - the majority (65%) say that it's ‘really shallow' to date someone because of the car they drive.

Well over 1 in 3 young adults (40%) told that you are more likely to get a boyfriend or girlfriend if you have a car and can drive while 12% think that the better car you drive the better sex life you have. Women are more likely than men to look for a partner who can drive, with 39% of 17-25 year olds saying they are more likely to date a driver than a non-driver, compared to just 24% of young men. 1 in 2 young men (51%) think that they are more likely to get a girlfriend or boyfriend if they have a car, compared to just 36% of young women.

When it comes to sex, 18% of young men think that the better car you drive, the better sex life you have, while only 9% of women surveyed think this is true.

Talking about money and the cost of driving then insurance costs are the highest barrier among young people wanting to get behind the wheel: higher even than the cost of buying the car.

Barriers to driving as rated by 17-25 year olds in the UK, survey carried out for

Cost of insurance: 87%
Cost of buying the car: 71%
Cost of petrol: 68%
Cost of tax and MOT: 54%
Cost of driving lessons: 58%
Cost of repairs: 43%
Passing the driving test: 29%
Increase in tuition fees: 19%
Finding a parking space to keep the car: 8%
I don't think there are barriers: 2%

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at said: "Getting a car is a sign of growing up and becoming an adult for many people in their late teens and early twenties. The cost of insurance shouldn't stand in the way of that process. 50% of under 25s could save up to £571 on car insurance by shopping around on, leaving them more money to wine and dine a partner."