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To beard or not to beard?

23rd August 2011 Print

Fact. Men with light, well kept stubble are more attractive than men with a full beard or the clean shaven look, according to a new report by Beard Psychologist Dr Julian Oldmeadow on the ‘Psychology of Beards’, commissioned by Remington to launch the new Touch Control beard and stubble trimmer.

Dr Julian Oldmeadow explains: “The lighter, carefully groomed styles may be the most attractive because they strike the right balance. Beards are directly associated with perceptions of masculinity, dominance, aggressiveness and maturity, while clean shaven men are seen as more warm and caring.”

Fact. One in five men feel sexier and more attractive with facial stubble. Dr Julian Oldmeadow offers some top tips for making the most of your facial hair when it comes to attracting admirers:

“Go for a lighter carefully groomed style, such as the designer goatee. This may be more attractive as it conveys the look of a masculine, virile man who also knows how to take care of himself.”

“Look like Johnny Depp.  A recent survey named him as the celebrity who looks best in a beard.”

“Move to Scotland. Research shows that women north of the border are most likely to be attracted to hirsute men.”

“Watch out for the date and shavers. More than half of women will go out with you then persuade you to lose the beard.”

So, beards are good, but you can have too much of a good thing? Whatever you go for, make sure it suits your face and that it’s well groomed - unruly straggly beards are a complete no-no.

Luckily, modern technology makes it easier for men these days to find the right balance. Step forward the latest, greatest gadget to help you get groomed to perfection, the NEW Remington Touch Control – the world’s first touch screen beard and stubble trimmer. Inspired by the ‘touch’ technology generation, the pioneering beard and stubble trimmer encompasses a unique touch sensitive screen which allows you to tailor speed and length to your specific needs for effortless styling and the ultimate control.

With the Remington Touch Control, meticulous attention to detail can be achieved with a range of features:

Integrated motorised comb with intricate 0.1mm settings
175 different length options, ranging from just 0.4mm right up to 18mm
Superior quality self-sharpening Titanium coated blades for exceptional cutting performance
Tri Boost System three-step speed setting so you can manually adjust to your preferred speed

So whether you’re going for a beard or designer stubble, the Remington Touch Control gives you superior control and confidence for ultimate grooming.

The Remington Touch Control RRP £59.99. Available from all leading retailers.

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