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BMW X5 is most wanted ‘school run’ vehicle

9th September 2011 Print

The BMW X5 is the car most ‘school run’ parents would rather be driving, according to a new survey by More than 600 parents took part in the poll, naming the stylish SUV as the vehicle that most turns them green with envy when they see other parents behind the wheel.
The Tesco Cars survey was conducted as parents complete their first week of school runs for the new academic year. Around one in five cars on Britain’s roads are participating in the school run during peak driving hours.
Despite its ‘gas guzzler’ reputation – the most efficient model achieves 38mpg on average – the BMW X5 came top of the poll with almost one-in-five votes (19%). The quirky MINI Countryman SUV came second, attracting 14% of respondents. Those in favour of drop-top driving named the Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet as their third most preferred alternative ‘school run’ wheels.
Perhaps letting an emotional buying process take precedence over a rational one, most parents opted for large and luxurious over small and economical. Offering space, presence and a premium badge, SUVs dominated the survey results with the Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne also placing high.
Environmentally-conscious models such as the Toyota Prius – a popular choice for school-run mum and Sex and The City star, Sarah Jessica-Parker – and the Elle Macpherson-approved Fiat 500, failed to stir parent envy, each receiving just 4% of the online vote.
The Ford S-Max made the top five, showing parents also favour well designed MPV models.
Research by shows mothers on the school run often try to ‘get one up’ on each other to avoid feeling inadequate at the school gates.
Table showing the popular cars that make parents turn green with envy at the school gates
Make & Model - Vote

1 BMW X5 19%
2 MINI Countryman 14%
3 Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet 13%
4 = Range Rover 12%
4 = Ford S-Max 12%
6 Porsche Cayenne 8%
7 = Volvo XC90 7%
7 = Nissan Qashqai 7%
9 = Fiat 500 4%
9 = Toyota Prius 4%

Rebecca Ryan, Marketing Manager of Tesco Cars said; ‘For many parents, driving the school-run can feel a little like ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. It’s understandable that drivers might get envious of those who can afford the luxury rides. This survey doesn’t support having more ‘Chelsea tractors’ on the roads though, it’s about having a bit of fun and finding out what parents would rather be driving if they had the option.’

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