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HPI offers used car buyers 30% off HPI Check

18th October 2011 Print

HPI is urging used car buyers to avoid getting spooked by dodgy used car sellers this Halloween.  Protecting buyers from cars that may go bump in the night, the vehicle information expert is offering 30% off an HPI Check for the remainder of October.  1 in 3 used cars checked by HPI has a hidden history, putting used car buyers at risk of buying a car that could turn into a nightmare on wheels.
“Buying a used car doesn’t have to turn into a horror story if buyers take the right precautions,” says Nicola Johnson, Consumer Services Manager for HPI. “Used car fraudsters have more tricks than treats up their sleeves, leaving consumers at risk of paying over the odds for a car that could be stolen or cloned or could still be on outstanding finance. This means buyers stand to lose the car and the money they paid for it when it’s returned to its rightful owner. Clocking is also a major problem, as unscrupulous sellers turn back the mileage in order to push up the price on their vehicle.”
Whilst a personalised plate is a popular addition for many car owners, it can also be used by crooks to mask a vehicle’s true past.  An HPI Check will unveil any potential ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ vehicles by looking at previous plates and identifying any problems with the registration numbers previously associated with the vehicle. In addition, the HPI Check will also match the vehicle registration number with the vehicle’s chassis number – any mismatches may indicate something is amiss with the vehicle.
It’s easy to be taken in by shiny paintwork and a low price, but many unscrupulous sellers will do anything to make a quick profit. The HPI Check will inform buyers not only if a vehicle has been classified a ‘total loss’ (written-off) by an insurer, but also provide the category of total loss, allowing them to make an informed decision.   Nicola Johnson explains: “These long, dark nights offer the perfect cover for ghastly car sellers looking to pull a fast one. We urge buyers to always view a vehicle in daylight. Under the cover of dusk and darkness, it’s a lot harder to spot tell-tale signs of wear and tear or damaged bodywork, even more so if it has been raining. Buyers should also be looking under the bonnet and checking the chassis numbers match each other and the car documents, so good viewing conditions are essential to uncover the skeletons in a vehicle’s closet.
“Buyers don’t need to be haunted by a bad Halloween used car purchase, instead, they should get an HPI Check, which will confirm if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, or clocked and whether it has outstanding finance against it. And we’re offering 30% off all HPI Checks, making it more affordable than ever to get it checked and stay safe this Halloween.”
To take advantage of HPI’s Halloween discount offer, simply log on to, or call the dedicated number 0845 301 1816 and quote the reference number FRIGHT30 to qualify for 30% off an HPI Check from now until 31st October 2011.